Welcome to Onda!

We are Hanna and Fernando, an international husband and wife wedding photography team based in Colorado.

Together we aim to capture your day authentically - showcasing the real, unscripted and beautifully raw moments, approaching each wedding as an opportunity to tell the honest and unique story of you. As artists, we love to do things a little differently, a little out of the mold, and so when you come to us, we know you aren't usually looking for something traditional. Instead, you cherish photos that capture the essence and emotion of your wedding as it unfolds. You value a documentary approach for candid scenes and a fine art eye for unseen details. The day, as it often does, will go by in a big, loving blur, so you want images that will transport you back to the intimacy, beauty, and joy of each second. That's us. We live for that decisive moment that holds gravity and tells the whole story. This is your day - we're just there to make it last forever.


Fernando is from São Paulo, Brazil, and Hanna is from Crested Butte, Colorado, and we fell in love while studying photography in college in NYC. After getting married, we loved the wedding environment so much that we began photographing weddings, and started our joint venture that brings together everything we adore about photography and life. 

Fernando has a background in documentary and street photography, and on wedding days, uses this style to capture the candid action in the environment as it naturally unfolds. Hanna has a background in fine-art photography, and loves to find the intimate details and special in-between moments. We cover all weddings together, combining our eyes and sensibilities as one, and employ our unique, fine-art approach and technical expertise to tell the unique story of every wedding and couple we photograph. 

Having gone through the process of getting married, we know that the wedding day can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when there are also cameras present. That is why we like to blend in and document the events of your day while interfering as little as possible. We hold such a dear place in our hearts for the photos from our own wedding, so we strive to bring you that same joy, which is why we love what we do! 



“Hanna and Fernando were LOVELY and just what we needed for our tiny, low-key COVID wedding. They made us feel completely at ease while also making sure to get a variety of great shots. They struck a perfect balance between being friendly and professional. They also easily accommodated our request for some black & white shots on film, as well as taking many digital pictures (they even took a few polaroids of the day that we put up on the fridge and may never take down - we love them!)”

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