day one: The pool party

Meet & greet

On the eve of their wedding at Masseria Montalbano, in Puglia, Italy, K + T held a magnificent welcome party to their traveling guests. People had come from all over the globe to attend their ceremony, from Beijing, Vancouver, Delhi, New York, Amsterdam, and countless other origins. It was a unique gathering in a beautiful September day in Southern Italy.

This welcome party featured all of the incredible Italian antipasti you might come to expect (or crave), a gelato cart, pizza, refreshing summer cocktails, a flash mob (!), Italian Elton John (!!), and a raucous party. And if you look through these photos, you might come to discover why it was called The Pool Party...

Day two: the wedding

anticipation, romance, and joy

And just when you thought you needed a day to recover from The Pool Party, you grab some coffee, look at the calendar, and realize there is still a whole wedding that needs to happen! And happen it did...

Below is a brief photographic summary of the events of the day and how it all unfolded. We found so much poetry happening throughout the entirety of this beautiful day, and so we tried to reflect that as best we could by immersing ourselves into the continuous moment. From the quiet stillness of the getting ready nerves, to the build up and release of an intimate first-look. From the waiting for the ceremony to begin, to waiting for the tears to slow down enough for vows to be heard. From the grand exit under a canopy of flowers and an olive tree, to the marching band procession into cocktail hour. From the incredible dinner, hilarious and touching speeches, to the biggest mille-feuille cake anyone has ever seen. From the First Dance closeness, to the 3am rager on the dance floor... It was a wedding for the ages. <3